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33 USD
Dimitri Manos (member of Dr.Dog, Golden Boots, Haboob and other awesome projects) comes into the summer of 2016 with a funky sound and style unlike any other. American Monoxide, “Web Content” is a perfect example of what weirdness can come out of boredom and space to do what ever the hell you wish! The untethered mix will have you finding new favs with every couple spins and is one of the reasons we are proud to bring you our Lazy version of this release, The Private Browser variant. Stemming from the chosen second release title “Web Content” which suits the bases and foundation Manos intended for American Monoxide- not be a touring band but these handful basement style gems collected over a few limited releases, so we decided to portray just that in this concept art piece! From the CPU that houses a floppy disk that requires an analog hack that reflects upon ancient sacred geometry, to a paper plane with instructions, credits and previous Monoxide releases to serve as a catalogue, this computer requires no WIFI to access all the information. The lucky purchaser of this art will need to refer to the American Monoxide plane, the Hot Lava Express, for directions to the hack.The hack is in the form of five transparent sheets that look like a mess of parts with numbers poured over them when stacked, but when hacked properly the hand drawn fly artwork of Meghan Player is represented in a web of binary code that easily becomes the focal point- the binary code has been rumored to contain the key to happiness…? Once insect anatomy and geometry are refreshed the hacker must warm the five clear sheets to the temperature of 88 degrees Fahrenheit and expose the now aligned sheets to the sun or UV light. This is optimal on those clear and beautiful hot days, allowing the hacker to simply follow the directions and take the art outside for roughly 30 seconds and bring it back in. How will you know it the Hack worked ? Simple! The binary code will disappear and something else will appear! The inserts are silkscreened by Thomas Dean in a special ink or two. Dean also screened the ether-like beauts of covers that strikes the retina first. When you are done hacking the files you will be sliding them into a sterdy handmade floppy disk for cool keepings. We can all thank Chelsea Easterbrook for letting us try her patience on such a time consuming task. What a fanfreakintastic job she has done tho! Guaranteed to protect your inserts from spastic cat claws. The Lazy Team would like to thank all involved, especially Nicholas Gagnon for helping us work through this vision on the graphic arts side. And Thomas Dean for helping us work through too many unforeseen errors. Disclaimer: This is a preorder. Orders will feature random color vinyl, and should ship out by mid December. Each cover was silkscreened by hand, and therefor may be slightly different in color than the one pictured. There are only 35-40 copies exclusive to LBRCo.